Secrets to Changing Company Culture in the Modern Workplace

Secrets to Changing Company Culture in the Modern Workplace

Last week I planned out 45 minutes to change my oil and filter in my truck. Two days later I wrapped up my planned 45 minute project. There are minor details you must be aware of when you tackle any task. As for changing oil, you must make sure you are draining the RIGHT liquid out of your truck. This is where I went wrong. I drained my transmission fluid rather than oil.

I was careless and approached my drain plug from the side of the truck rather than the front of the vehicle like I normally do. Soon as the plug comes out and you see transmission fluid rather than oil, there is no stopping the process. Since the transmission fluid was already drained, I proceeded to change my transmission filter as well. This was much more than I’d originally planned for.

Changing Oil and Changing People Needs Attention

Attention is crucial when you are attempting to change anything. Just like changing oil, if you plan on attempting to change company culture, employee morale, or employee production, it requires attention to detail throughout the process.

You can have the greatest plans and the greatest strategies, but if you lack attention to detail, you could set yourself back during the change process.

Changing People Does Not Come Easy

Today’s modern business is constantly changing. With only 33 percent of U.S. employees engaged at work, companies are looking to change their culture.

As I work with businesses going through change, I am careful through every step as I work with them. Changing anything with people is a touchy subject. People have emotions and being attentive to their emotions is vital when change is happening. This is why I always start any working relationship with a company utilizing people analytics.

If you want to change company culture in the modern workplace, you are daring to fight against the normal flow of work and can get a lot of resistance. Even if people are open and welcoming to changing the culture, changing normality does not come easy. The process takes constant evaluation of how people are reacting and interpreting the change process.

Over Communicate Your Position, Hopes, and Desires

Never assume others understand your position, hopes, or desires to what you want to see happen. Make it clear at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. You cannot overstate and over communicate during change. Tell them where you are going and then remind them where you are going. With all of the distractions in the modern workplace, this is even more important because information today has a lot competition.

Changing Company Culture in the Modern Workplace Needs Roots

Allow your communication to be the watering mechanism to the seed of change. The soil will absorb the water and quickly be thirsting for more water. People process communication quickly and then revert back to their normal operation and assumptions. Water, or communicate, the seed of change you are planting until it has taken root. As soon as the change has taken a strong root, then communication will change a bit.

Communication must be top priority through the process. Communication helps others ease their uncertainties and lack of clarity. You cannot over communicate through change.

Produce Advocates To Carry Out Change

If you are wanting to change anything about people or a group of people today, you need to have others in your corner and advocating for the change outcome. If you can get buy-in from others before the change starts to happen, get it. The more you have, the better chance your change can be successful.

You need more than supporters as well. You need people who understand the purpose, the mission, and the vision to the change. You need early adopters who advocate. These people are able to think on their feet when troubles arise. And yes, troubles will arise during change. Plan for these by having a group of advocates who align with your direction before moving forward.

Change Can Be Amazing If You Pay Attention To Details

Changing company culture in the modern workplace requires your attention to details. Do not overlook or neglect any situation in regards to change. People feel secure in routines and what they know. Even if it is harmful, they will tend to stick to what they know rather than change. Ease people into change and collect a group of people ready to tackle the change project together. This is when real success to change happens.