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Why Choose Jared Buckley

Wayne Herring

Wow, thanks Jared for providing great information on communicating with Millennials, understanding Millennials and motivating Millennials.  Your talk at our ISI mastermind group in Texas was my favorite of the 40 TED-style talks that we had.  Perhaps that is because of my keen interest on motivating Millennials in the sales force and also because I want to help Boomer and “X” business owners get past their stereotypes and get to collaborating with this group.  However, the content was excellent and your delivery was engaging, which always leads to better retention for me.  I also appreciate your challenge to committing to an action as a result of your talk.  If you ever need a reference for speaking, please feel free to share my contact information with the person booking speakers for the event.

Wayne Herring The Herring Group

Tom Schwab

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Jared speak on podcasts and at a live event. Each time it’s a treat. Not only do I learn something vital I can use in my life, but Jared is engaging and entertaining. On top of his speaking ability, the content he shared in regards millennials was informational and practical. If you are considering him as a millennial speaker, I can assure you that you will look like a genius for introducing him to your audience.

Tom Schwab Interview Valet

Jared Buckley is an amazing and dynamic speaker. He engages his audience with warmth and openness. He has a wonderful gift of keeping you entertained while educating you all at the same time. Jared’s breadth and depth of knowledge is apparent. I left the program meeting with more tools to navigate as a leader than when I arrived. I appreciated Jared’s personal story, which was heartfelt and so very moving. It spoke to many of us on such a deep and profound level. Being in the audience made me reflect on both my professional and personal experiences as well as my goals as a leader moving forward. It is an honor and privilege to recommend Jared Buckley as a speaker.

Karen B. Gilliland Society of Government Meeting Professionals


Training Outlook…

Training for companies, associations, and organizations can be the key that unlocks a person’s game-changing abilities.

Jared Buckley centers on elevating all participants abilities to be game-changers in every training session. No matter what the training is addressing, Jared’s top value in his trainings are to provide two to three practical things participants can take away and implement immediately to become game-changers in their workplace.

Jared’s ability to listen and tweak while in the session makes every training unique and applicable to the participants. All trainings have a dose of interaction and upbeat feel due to Jared’s engaging and humorous training style.

If you are looking for someone to come into your workplace to elevate your modern staff, look no further, Jared Buckley would like to talk. You can send him an email personally right now at jbuck(at)jaredbuckley(dot)com.

Let’s get the conversation started…



Speaking Engagement - Information

Millennials or Modern Workforce

Helping companies and/or associations understand the modern workforce.

Many times brands simply are looking for an informational training to educate their executive or managerial team. Jared Buckley is commonly asked about informative trainings around the topics of millennials or generations and the modern workforce. 

Speaking Engagement - Inspiration

Lighting A Fire

Has your team gotten stuck and needs a jolt?

Filled with storyformed trainings, Jared Buckley regularly is asked to bring some life, laughter, or cohesion to teams in the workplace. No matter what you are dealing with right now, Jared Buckley most certainly has an inspirational training that can get your team back on track. 

Millennial Speaker Engagement - Implementation

You Pick It…

Employee Engagement | Skill Development | Emotional Training | Etc.

Jared Buckley spends most of his training time with companies contracted to train a series of sessions to increase the production or performance of teams, managers, and top performers in the company. After a few conversations with Jared Buckley, you will have a custom designed training program to increase engagement, production, and performance in your business. Go ahead and get customizing. 

Every company, team, or organization is unique. The topics provided above are will help you understand the best topic that would best serve your group, business, or team. If for some reason you have a specific topic that you would like Jared Buckley to speak on, please contact him personally to discuss the options. While there is flexibility to his training topics, he mostly speaks on development, teamwork, culture, success skills, and generations within the workplace.

Please feel free to contact Jared Buckley, The Millennial Skills Coach, to determine if his calendar is open for your next event. jbuck(at)jaredbuckley(dot)com