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Jared Buckley Millennial Speaker Leadership Speaker Jared Buckley Millennial Speaker Leadership Speaker

Jared Buckley Millennial Speaker Leadership Speaker

Jared Buckley Top Millennial Speaker Top Rated Leadership Speaker
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“Can’t begin to thank you for your time and energy at the last training session here in Pennsylvania. You reenergized me and my team—thank you! You also gave practical helps for “real world” application. We’re already employing some of the tips you shared, like decreasing depth in response time to stressful situations. Your approach works! I look forward to learning more. Thanks, Jared!”

–Amy Pletz, Operations Director at Pathways Pennsylvania

“Jared shared his insights about managing a modern workforce with my Tourism Management students at Arizona State University. He wasted no time in 1) developing trust and rapport 2) providing them novel concepts about how to prepare for their careers, and 3) giving them action steps implement his recommendations for increased effectiveness as they launch their careers. If you have a chance to interact with Jared via your organization, do it! He has a motivational speaker’s fire and a teacher’s heart.”

Dr. Claire McWilliams at Arizona State University

“Jared Buckley is an amazing and dynamic speaker. He engages his audience with warmth and openness. He has a wonderful gift of keeping you entertained while educating you all at the same time. Jared’s breadth and depth of knowledge is apparent. I left the program meeting with more tools to navigate as a leader than when I arrived. I appreciated Jared’s personal story, which was heartfelt and so very moving. It spoke to many of us on such a deep and profound level. Being in the audience made me reflect on both my professional and personal experiences as well as my goals as a leader moving forward. It is an honor and privilege to recommend Jared Buckley as a speaker.”

–Karen B. Gilliland, M.Ed., Assistant Director at UA College of Medicine

“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Jared speak on podcasts and at a live event. Each time it’s a treat. Not only do I learn something vital I can use in my life, but Jared is engaging and entertaining. On top of his speaking ability, the content he shared in regards millennials was informational and practical. If you are considering him as a millennial speaker, I can assure you that you will look like a genius for introducing him to your audience.”

–Tom Schwab, CEO at Internet Valet

“Wow, thanks Jared for providing great information on communicating with Millennials, understanding Millennials and motivating Millennials.  Your talk at our ISI mastermind group in Texas was my favorite of the 40 TED-style talks that we had.  Perhaps that is because of my keen interest on motivating Millennials in the sales force and also because I want to help Boomer and “X” business owners get past their stereotypes and get to collaborating with this group.  However, the content was excellent and your delivery was engaging, which always leads to better retention for me.  I also appreciate your challenge to committing to an action as a result of your talk.  If you ever need a reference for speaking, please feel free to share my contact information with the person booking speakers for the event.”

–Wayne Herring, CEO at StrongerSalesPeople

“Aspirations and dreams is something we all yield when seeking a career. We as humans want nothing more than to make our dream job become reality. However, when reality meets our aspirations, we don’t know where to start in order to accomplish our dreams. How do I utilize my gifts and talents? How do I pursue my dream job? How do I unleash my niche? Jared Buckley has given me the keys to unlock the solutions to these daunting questions. He has challenged me to recognize my talents. He has pushed me to seek my niche. He has allowed me to make my aspirations and dreams in the workplace a reality!”

–Taylor Downey, Young Professional


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Every conference, gathering, or training is unique. The topics provided above are will help you as the event planner understand the best topic that would best serve your group, audience, or team. If for some reason you have a specific topic that you would like Jared Buckley to speak on, please contact him personally to discuss the options. While there is flexibility to his speaking topics, he mostly speaks on development, teamwork, culture, success skills, and generations within the workplace.

Please feel free to contact Jared Buckley, The Millennial Skills Coach, to determine if his calendar is open for your next event. Contact him here…


Jared Buckley Best Top Millennials Speaker

About Me…

I bring to every speaking engagement 10+ years of experience in coaching, training, and speaking to audiences of all sizes and all ages.

My speaking material comes from firsthand experience of living through very challenging times, starting businesses, and coaching/mentoring individuals. I have coached hundreds of young leaders, spoken to thousands of people, and been able to execute when all odds were stacked against me.

I know what it is to rise above the chaos, challenges, and adversity to sit atop life successfully vocationally, relationally, and emotionally. These are the pillars to my speeches and my material to inform professionals, inspire audiences, and implement tools for success.

People leave WANTING to make it happen, KNOWING how to make it happen, and BELIEVING they can make it happen.

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