Career OnRamp

19 Career Paths for Recent College Graduates

Jared Buckley uncovers the differing career options college students or recent college graduates have when entering the workforce. While many recent college graduates see the typical corporate route, Jared Buckley goes deeper into dreaming about the possibilities that can lie within a recent college graduates career path. 

This book explores mix and matching career opportunities.


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Jared offers an overview of the many career opportunities that lie beyond what he calls the 'default' -- the 9-to-5, corporate-type job. Young readers will appreciate the reminder that making a living does not have to be just another of life's many burdens; that if chosen wisely and pursued diligently, a career can be an opportunity for creativity and a source of great satisfaction and fulfillment. Jared encourages his readers to dream big, to determine what it is that drives and motivates them, and to choose their career in a way that reflects those desires, rather than conforming to conventional wisdom. Good food for thought for high schoolers, college grads, and anyone in between.

- James Kuntz

"Beyond the academic. Beyond the ivory tower. Buckley's passion and genuine concern for my kids (i.e. millennials) finding their career niche, being successful, and contributing to the greater good is so evident. His writing is readable and down right fun to digest. At the same time, it's intensely practical, comprehensive, and clearly not wanting millennials to cave to the presumed defaults. He'll remind you that you are the product of your decisions and not your circumstances..."

- John Wasem

Career OnRamp contains the practical advice today's college graduates need to live a life of success. It contains the inspiration to look at your options after college, dream big, and begin the process of living an extraordinary life. If the path after college seems daunting or unclear, this is the book that will help you determine the next step.

- Eric Gonia

We hear over and over again that you do not NEED to go to college or if you do go to college that you do not need to work within your major field. But...nobody really lays out precise options and steps. This book does that. There are so many options out there - job, no job, entrepreneur. If you are searching or will be soon - what a great book. GIFT IDEA - if you have a college graduate in your life - this will make a super gift. Be sure to read the chapter on "Drug Dealer" - I love dark humor about serious subjects. - highly recommend.

- Wayne Herring

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