About JBuck

I help employers improve their employee value by developing the soft skills of employees. While coaching millennials over the last 10+ years, employing millennials, and being an “old-man-millennial” myself, I know millennials and what it takes to lead them.

My focus with business leaders is to increase employee production, employee engagement, and employee retention–saving the business profit loss. My primary focus is developing employees’ strategic soft skills. Practically this happens through trainings, coaching, group coaching, manager training, and/or consultation. 

Make it Simple: I fix business’ millennial problems. 


Jared Buckley is the Millennial Skills Coach, growing millennial’s soft skills

Leading “Different” People

Fayth Daddy Heart SurgeryOn June 21, 2009, I was presented with the greatest leadership challenge of my life. It wasn’t about my employees or my business, it was about my family. On June 21, 2009, my wife and I welcomed our “gifted challenge” into the world. Our first child was born on that day with Down syndrome. It posed the challenge to me as a father and husband to lead our family through the unimaginable challenges in the years to come.

With our daughter also being born with an abnormal heart, the near future was uncertain. For three months, we stressfully and patiently cared for our daughter and her failing heart. On September 21, 2009, three months to the date after her birth, our daughter went in for open-heart surgery to repair the missing center wall in her heart. The surgery was a success and her health was growing. However, we still had the hurdle of raising a child with special needs.

Over the years since our daughter was born, I have learned valuable lessons about leadership, development, and people.

Work Background

I have owned multiple businesses, started organizations and run very diverse teams of individuals, but nothing taught me of leadership like fathering a child with special needs. You can have all the right plans and objectives, but when the challenges arise and the obstacles present themselves, it is the ability to lead people that determines the future of anything: families, businesses, or communities.

After starting and running my own business with a majority of millennials, I realized there was something I can do better with my time and knowledge—help others lead productive young employees, specifically millennials. I knew leadership, development, people, and millennials. So I combined them all to help other business owners.

Putting My Past To Work

Jared Buckley Speaking Millennial Skills Coach Texax ISI copyRaising a daughter with special needs, combined with coaching, training, and developing millennials over the last 12 years has taught me key elements to leading people who might be slightly different. Behaviors, motivations, and skill sets are different for each person and millennials fall into that “different” category. But at the same time, there is great value in diversity. I have learned if you find the secret element to behavior, motivation, and skills in people, you can pull out the greatest potential of production. This is how I see millennials.

Are millennials different? Yes. But so were the other generations before millennials. Businesses will be defined in the next 20 years on how well they developed and adapted to the millennial generation. I want to help those businesses thrive and make a difference in the world by developing millennials.

This is what I do. I create value in millennials by developing their most beneficial asset in the workplace. I leverage the talent of workplaces to increase employee production, employee engagement, and employee retention.

Want to connect or think I can help? Send me an email jbuck(at)jaredbuckley(dot)com

Let’s put it in business terms: I save employers a killing by getting their millennials to produce at high levels.