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Leadership Today Must Embrace CHANGE

Change is imminent in today’s culture.

27 percent of employees change jobs each year, 17 percent are actively hunting for a new job, and 46 percent of employees are passively search for another job. (ADP)

Change is effecting employee turnover.

The average age of a business on the S&P 500 is under 20 years. In the 1950s, such companies were around 60 years old. (CNBC)

Change has affected business shelf life.

The change in industries, changes in markets, changes in operational tools, and change in demographics in today’s culture affects every business.

Today’s changing culture is also affecting how business leaders lead and develop leaders.

Although business owners and executives are pressured to stay up with the changes in their business and market, they must also develop leaders who can help embrace and affect change themselves.

Business leaders have the opportunity to capitalize on a changing society by teaching, training, and coaching their leaders through change.

Leadership today must handle change, but also use the change as an asset.

Leadership Today Must Account for a FAST-PACE Society

The fast-pace of society is making a ripple effect on businesses.

Everything from employment loyalty to business structure, the speed of society has caused businesses to survive rather than thrive. Businesses that operate in survival mode run the risk of internally imploding. Speed is crippling many businesses.

The fast-pace of society has impacted employees’ expectations.

Employees no longer get a job and put in their time before expecting a promotion. Millennials and Gen Z have different expectations. As a result, businesses are run differently because of these changes.

The fast-pace of society has greatly influenced how leaders are or aren’t developed today.

Start-ups to run into problems with leadership if they grow faster than expected. Without the development of leaders in the upper management and mid-level management, businesses could be running into significant problems down the road.

From employee turnover to poor company culture, underdeveloped managers can cause huge problems with businesses. Businesses, who grew too fast or the market grew too fast, are feeling the pain of underdeveloped managers. The fast-paced society we live in today has caused many pains that business leaders must address.

Speed is effecting leadership today.

Leadership Today Must Deal With the DIGITAL AGE Correctly

The digital age has caused confusion.

From employee to employer, digitalization has caused confusion because how people utilize the digital age is completely different. From communication to expectation to values to relationships, the digital age is playing a major role in people collaboration. This affects businesses tremendously.

The digital age has changed communication style.

A phone call before you leave the office is unheard of today. The ability to always have an open-line of communication with people changes how we communicate with one another. Emails, text messages, and social messages have replaced phones. Communication has changed because of the new digital age.

The digital age changes leadership development.

Leadership development used to focus on development through experience and longevity, but today it is different. Leadership development is now executed through speed and proficiency using the advancements of digital products.

Finding new ways to develop leaders today in the digital age must be a priority for business leaders, otherwise, they will not have leaders in the years to come.

The digital age changes leadership utilization.

Leaders are utilized differently today. Leaders must be stronger and more diverse. The digital age has created just as many problems as it has opportunities. Years ago, these problems didn’t exist for leaders to have to deal with.

The more advanced we get in the digitalization and artificial intelligence, the more important it is for businesses to use leaders correctly.

The digital age has flipped leadership development upside down.

Leadership Today Must Handle the INTERRUPTING AGE Appropriately

The interruption age has caused many issues.

There are too many interruption factors affecting people to list. Leaders must bring the distractions under control.

Consequently, businesses who are not able to control the influx of interruptions to their people and their business, will not have a business to run in the years to come.

To develop impacting leaders, we must consider all the factors affecting leadership development today.

Business leaders can be a problem-solver to interruptions. Those that do, jump ahead of their competitors by lifting the employees’ burden of constant interruptions.

First of all, business leaders should not add to the constant interruptions of their employees outside of what is necessary. Rather, they need to be a fixer to the problem by helping them develop ways to prioritize and manage the interruptions.

Employees and leaders without these skills will burnout and disengage from their work. In conclusion, be the problem-solver to this issue in leadership development today.

“In the long run, your human capital is your main base of competition. Your leading indicator of where you’re going to be 20 years from now is how well you’re doing in your education system.” – Bill Gates

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